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so at work i get a lot of time in my car to just think while im… - the ghost of what should have been [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 27th, 2008|04:14 am]
so at work i get a lot of time in my car to just think while im driving. not that i'm setting that time aside to just think or anything. it just kinda happens driving around for hours. among other things today i thought about this time i was like 16 and i was kinda seeing this girl. I was a dumb 16 year old and the last time i hung out with her i made an ass our of myself infront of her friends and pissed her off. when i was taking her home that night somehow a promise of me writing her a letter (i guess that was her way of telling me it was over or whatever) happened. (needless today i wasn't pround of me being a jackass). I get home tonight (like 7 years later) and my high school Geometry book was setting on the stairs with a legal pad inside it. i pick it up to flip through it and look at the legal pad. the first page of the pad is just stupid notes about intersecting lines and and shit like that. on the next page is the letter i wrote her. It apologized for me acting like a dumbass and telling her that i cared and what have you. Obviously, i never sent it. which goes to show you that i never finish anything.

however, i do find it weird that on the same day i actually think about something that happened 7 years ago, i find the letter that was supposed to tie up those loose ends. It's not like i would send it now, i don't even know where she is anyways. but it just strikes me as odd i would find that letter. maybe it's a sing i should get shit together...